Why choose PYT NYC?

We encourage you to compare our boat, service, and rates with our competition. Our goal is to introduce an unparalleled level of both yacht and service at this price point.

Compared to cruisers of the mid 80’s-present, our restored 1970 classic racing yacht has character and pizzazz. An absolutely huge cockpit (due to it’s ocean racing pedigree), tastefully wrapped in varnished wood and accented with polished stainless steel. Plush cushions on varnished slat benches. Wide walkways and a huge uncluttered foredeck allows everyone space to spread out. There’s simply more room to enjoy your adventure.

We really sail. When ever wind conditions and safety permit, we turn off the motor and sail. If you have never experienced it before, it’s breathtaking. Silence and the feeling of the yacht surging powerfully forward with each knot of wind is truly unique. We also answer questions and teach to anyone interested.

Crew of 2. We always have a second staff member onboard to act as a first mate / second captain / sailing instructor / Dj / bartender / butler / porter / tour guide.

Location, location, locations.
One15 Marina at Brooklyn Bridge Park is our Primary pickup location. We can also pickup from the West side of Manhattan and Jersey City. (additional dock fees apply for Tribeca, Manhattan and Jersey City.)

Local Small Business.
We are a Dad – Daughter team, a local small business. We rebuilt our boat ourselves, and are proud of the level of effort, attention to detail and care we put into every charter.

SV Faith

About the boat
Faith is a highly modified 1970 Columbia 36. 1970 is considered height of the ‘Golden Age’ of American production boat building. Fiberglass was cheap and boats were made strong. She was a ‘hot ticket’ sports model for Columbia Yachts. Designed by one of the worlds leading yacht designers, William Crealock, for ocean races like the Transpac and coastal regatta yacht races, she had all latest in hull and keel technology of the time. 53 years later and she is still a quick yacht.
She is fresh off a 3-year intensive rebuild and is stronger now than when she first left the factory. If it could be pulled apart and rebuilt it was.
She has in the past completed a trans-Atlantic voyage to the UK and also traveled to the Caribean. We bought her, from her second owner, 5 years ago. after spending a summer looking at boats, 4 trips to Maryland, 3 to Boston. There are a lot of great stories to share about her journey. Come aboard, let’s chat!

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